Friday, September 16, 2011

This week's tales

1. Teenage rape victim uses tricks from CSI to trap her attacker

Who says watching crime dramas on TV doesn't give an accurate picture of how crimes are solved? A 32 year old British man was just sentenced to 11 years in prison, based on DNA evidence left in his car by one of his quick thinking victims.
Convicted rapist Jonathan Haynes tried to be careful about cleaning up evidence after his crimes, forcing his victims to clean themselves with wet-wipes. But one of his victims was thinking a few steps ahead of Haynes, saying, 'it sounds silly, but I have always been a fan of CSI programs. I've watched so many of them, I know what to do and how things work.'
While trapped in the back seat of Haynes' car, she managed to rip out some of her hair and stash it in a place where a simple clean up wouldn't find it, she then spat on the seats to leave more DNA evidence. She was also careful to take mental notes of the area where the attack occurred, so she could sketch it out for Police.
Further investigation showed that Haynes, a Lance Corporal in the British Army, had raped at least three girls, and attempted to kidnap two others, including some as young as 14. But it was the quick thinking CSI fan that led to his conviction.

2.  Phosphorescent Felines Fight AIDS

Phosphorescent felines were created by Mayo Clinic researchers to help in the fight against AIDS in both cats and humans. The cats were genetically engineered to carry a protein that defends them from infection by the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), the cat version of HIV.

3. Amazing rescue: Bystanders lift burning car off injured motorcyclist in Logan, Utah

4. This truck could replace the US military's Humvees

5. IMHO : HPV Vaccinations 

Forced vaccination for sexually transmitted disease is tyranny. Next would be forced vaccination for HIV if they come up with a vaccine. The vaccination is not even good for all HPV, as Merck says, "Merck, the maker of the HPV vaccine Gardasil, said the vaccine does not eliminate the need for women to get regular recommended cervical cancer screenings. The vaccine protects against four common types of the HPV virus; according to the CDC, there are more than 40 strains of HPV that can affect men and women. "

When they can prevent all 40 strains, then call us back. This is why most of us don't get the flu vaccine either. It is only a guess as to which version of flu is going to be prevalent this year. I haven't had flu like symptoms since I stopped getting the flu vaccine. That's good enough for me.

6. TARDIS for your cat

7. Jury Gives Parents $4.5 Million Because They Missed Chance to Abort Disabled Son 

During a roughly two-week-long trial that ended Wednesday, Mejia and Santana claimed they would have never have brought Bryan into the world had they known about his horrific disabilities.

So, if the Doctors and Ultrasound techs had done their jobs right, Bryan would have been aborted. Instead, because his parents didn't have time to abort him, the medical community has to pay the parents $4.5 million. And you wonder why medical care is so expensive?

8. Solar Storm Could Knock Out Satellites For Decade.

New Scientist (9/13, Shiga) reports, "A major solar storm would not only damage Earth's infrastructure, it could also leave a legacy of radiation that keeps killing satellites for years," according to a simulation by a team led by Yuri Shprits of UCLA. The team found that t he storm "could create a persistent radiation problem in low-Earth orbit, disabling satellites for up to a decade after the storm first hit." The article notes this "would also be hazardous for astronauts and electronics on the International Space Station." io9 (9/14, Wilkins) also covers the story.

9. 7 Incredible NASA Corn Mazes: Cool Crop Circles for Science

10. Daredevil Comet Making Death Plunge Into Sun

This still from a video taken by the SOHO spacecraft shows a comet (circled) streaking toward the sun on Sept. 13, 2011. The sun has just fired off a coronal mass ejection; Venus is the large, bright object on the left.

11. US Space Spy Agency to Unveil Hush-Hush Satellites on Saturday 

Secret satellites that reveal targets even in night is the claim of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) - as evidenced by this NRO patch.

....and that's all for this week!

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